Providing Life for the Community exists beyond the confines of Sunday Morning. At the Well, we have what we call Missional Communities. In essence, we are all missionaries. It's a primary way that we pour out our buckets. Missional Communities are groups of people that meet regularly, live on mission together, and disciple one another. They are the primary way in which we will be on mission, and make disciples as a church. While we have a huge value on Sunday services, our primary goal is for people to meet Jesus. That can happen at work, in church, or at a bbq. We want to be living out the Gospel intentionally in community every day.

Jesus tells us to make disciples as we go throughout our daily life (Matt. 28:19). Everywhere we go, in the normal rhythms of our lives, we are to be making disciples. MCs are more than just small groups, they are mission outposts in neighborhoods, and communities where people are encouraged to bring their unbelieving friends so they can be impacted by Christ.


We have several MCs all over the greater Long Beach area, each with a different vibe and focus, but the same goal...to fill each other's buckets and help pour them out.

For more information about our MCs, please contact Pastor Charlie at charlie@well-church.com

Sundays @ 5:00PM in Bixby                         Wednesdays @ 6:000pm in Bellflower

Thomson's Home                                        Garrison's Home

josh@thomsonac.com                                  bridgetgarrison@gmail.com

Sundays @ 5:30PM in East Long Beach

Haak Home