Kids are funny, and we love that. We believe that God has uniquely created each child (magic capes and all) and our goal is to show them the love of Christ through word and action. We want to fill their buckets too!


The Well Church believes that each opportunity to teach and express the love of Christ is crucial in helping to develop disciples from the youngest of ages. We use a curriculum called The Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is age-appropriate and focuses on engaging children in a way that reaches each child right where he or she is at developmentally. The Well Church believes in partnering and equipping the family to continue instilling the theological principles touched on at Well Kids throughout the week. This is done through providing the family with age appropriate activities and conversation ideas developed to be incorporated in the daily rhythm of family life.

We believe that each child is an integral part of our future and of furthering the kingdom of God; we believe that it is never too early to start introducing children into our church services to help them realize that they are a part of something bigger.


Every Sunday, after dinner we sing a couple of songs with the kiddos, then we pray over them and send them to Well Kids. Our hope is to model what it looks like to worship our King to the next generation of The Well.

Children are an important part of God's Kingdom and are a blessing to our church and it is our privilege and honor to serve them and provide for them a safe place to encounter the living Savior in an authentic way.