Vision: Life For The Community

You can see firsthand how much life a well brings to a community when people no longer have to walk up to 3 miles to fill their bucket with clean water. It becomes the center of the community, and really does change people’s lives. The Well is a church made up of Missional Communities throughout Lakewood, Bellflower, and Long Beach, and we are all about providing life for the community.

There's a story in John 4 known commonly as "the woman at the well". This woman met Jesus at a well when she was getting her water for the day. No encounter with Jesus is ordinary, though. Her encounter with Jesus totally changed her life. But she didn't just leave a changed woman, she went back and told her community about it. She went to a well, she met the Well, and she became a well. Her community would never be the same because of that interaction with Jesus. That's the kind of church we want to be. 

As a church, everything we do is either filling your bucket or pouring it out. From Sunday evening to your own personal devotion, filling your bucket with the living water, Jesus Christ, is so necessary to be able to live your life in Christ. In addition, we don't fill our bucket so the water just sits and gets stagnant. No. We fill our buckets to pour them out.

Come to the well to fill your bucket. Go back to your community and pour it out. 

Mission: Love God. Make Disciples. Transform Community.

The Well Church is all about providing Life for the Community. We believe the way that we do that is by making disciples that love God and transform community. We do this by participating in Sunday morning gatherings, serving in ministries, and being a part of missional communities. Why? Because we’ve been moved by the love of God and the example He set for us in His son Jesus.

We hope that when people join what God’s doing at The Well they will fall absolutely in love with Him, taste His living water, and desire to go deep, where the water is sweeter. We want to make disciples that are in community and on mission for Jesus in their context. Our hope is that communities all around Lakewood, Bellflower, and Long Beach would experience a total community transformation as the Gospel penetrates the everyday lives of people. So, in short The Well is all about making disciples that love God and transform community.

We want The Well to be a place that the Gospel is not just believed, but lived out in every day life. We believe that the church isn’t just a place to attend on Sundays, but a community of people that are impacted by the Gospel, and living it out together. That means that people will be called to believe the Gospel, surrender their life to it, and bring that message of Jesus to the people around them.

We are all about Jesus

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope for salvation. The central message of the Bible is that God created us in His image and after His likeness (Gen 1:26) and that though sin we have separated ourselves from Him. There is no way for us to overcome sin on our own, but in God's love for us, He sent his son Jesus to provide the only possible means of salvation - Jesus' life, death and resurrection (1 Cor 15:3, 4). Faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and repentance of sin is how we are restored, healed and receive eternal life. This means of salvation is called grace, and it is a gift from God; there is nothing we can do to earn eternal life (Eph 2:8, 9).